1. Login to your ShipTime account
  2. Click the "Integrations" tab on the left hand side.
  3. Click "New Integration"
  4. Mouse over the Magento icon and click the blue + sign.
  5. Enter a Store Name
  6. Download the bridge connector plugin for Magento 2

    The following steps will need to be performed on the Magento's hosting server
    1. Extract this plugin in your Magento store's root directory
    2. Using SSH or Terminal, access the server that your Magento store is running on.
    3. Navigate to the Magento root directory.
    4. Navigate to the /bin directory (cd bin)
    5. Run the following commands:
    6. ./magento module:enable --all --clear-static-content
    7. ./magento setup:upgrade

  7. Access your Magento store's admin page
  8. Click on "Integration Bridge"
  9. Click "Install Connector"
  10. Copy the "Store Key"
  11. Switch to the ShipTime browser tab
  12. Paste the Store Key into the appropriate field
  13. Switch to the Magento tab
  14. Copy the base URL from the URL bar (portion before the /admin)
  15. Switch to the ShipTime tab
  16. Paste the Store URL
  17. Click the Connect button
  18. Click Start Sync