Please double-check that the claim should be filed with Nationex and not ShipSurance

  • Maximum coverage is $2/lb

  • Nationex will not be liable for damage to a parcel weighing more than 70 lb, more than 8,0 feet long or with a volume higher than 7,0 cubic foot. Transportation of such a parcel will be at shipper’s risk

  • Nationex cannot be held responsible in the transport of glass, mirrors, crystal, pottery, ceramic, picture frames, marble, lighting bulb (ex. fluorescent tubes), bone china, stratified sheets, plastic buckets, automobile parts, perishable products (ex. food), used computers and other objects of similar nature. Nationex does not assume the risk of defective or insufficient packaging. 

Damage Claim: 

  • All damages must be reported to Nationex within 15 days of delivery. If you don’t have time to complete the form, please just email Nationex letting them know the shipment is damaged and that we will be filing a claim. We then have 60 days to submit the claims form and supporting documents. 

Missing Claim: 

  • Missing claims must be filed within 60 days of the expected delivery date



  • Advise the customer that we are working on their behalf for the claim and that we will be sending an email with the next steps on the process. 

  • Create a ticket in Freshdesk using the appropriate ticket template

  • Download and complete the Nationex Claim Form

    • Complete all the fields on the claim form, above the red line.

    • For the value, please enter the weight of the shipment x 2 ($2/lb)

  • Once the form has been completed. Save it and send it to:  cc: on the ticket

  • Any additional information the customer shares please add to the ticket in Freshdesk as a note


  1. Click on ‘new’ and right click with your mouse on ‘ticket’ and open the link in a new tab 

  2. Search for the ticket template needed for the type of claim you are doing (i.e. Purolator Missing Claim, Purolator Damage Claim)

  3. Copy all of the information in the description field and post it on the original ticket in a reply to the customer (note: before sending email to the customer you must edit the message (i.e. “Good afternoon [member name]”, “we only require [Company Name]”, etc.) 

  4. For the ticket properties on the original ticket - execute ‘new claim’ scenario, change the priority to medium, assign to ‘ShipTime Claims’ group, assign to Anne, and change the status to ‘waiting on customer’

Note: Subject line on the original ticket should follow this format (also in the template subject line field): 

Nationex Missing Claim - Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors - Ship ID: 6022235 Tracking: W61727831

(Carrier + Type of claim - Company Name - Ship ID Tracking number)


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