1. General
    1. Page Displayed on Login: Once logged in, the selected page will display first.
    2. Default Language
    3. Default Measurement Units: Select between Imperial or Metric
    4. Default Package Type
  2. International
    1. Your Tax #
    2. LTL Customs Broker: This field is only necessary for international LTL shipments
    3. Reason for Shipment: Default reason for shipping internationally
    4. Product Currency: CAD or USD
    5. Tax & Duty Paid By: Default to Consignee or Shipper
  3. Pickup or Dropoff
    1. Pickup & Drop Off: Default to Drop-Off at Courier or Pick-Up by Courier
    2. Pickup Location: Default location for courier pickup
  4. Email
    1. Shipment Creation Email to: Check the box to set default email sent to Me, Recipient, or both
    2. Delivery Successful Email to: Check the box to set default email sent to Me, Me & Recipient
  5. Shipment
    1. Default Ship From Address
    2. Recipient Address is Residential
    3. Require Signature at Delivery
    4. Default Shipment Properties
    5. Default Insurance Value + Checkbox to Include shipment cost in insurance value?
    6. Reference #1
    7. Reference #2
    8. Reference #1 List
    9. Reference #2 List