Measuring your shipment accurately is crucial for a smooth shipping process and to avoid additional fees from couriers. Here's how to measure your package correctly:

Importance of Accurate Measurements:

- Proper measurements inform the couriers about the type of truck needed for pickup.

- Incorrect measurements can lead to additional charges from couriers.

Steps to Measure Your Shipment:

1. Use an Accurate Tape Measure:

   - Ensure you have a reliable and accurate tape measure.

   - Measure your package multiple times to confirm accuracy.

2. Measure from the Widest Point:

   - Always measure your package from its widest points.

   - This is the measurement couriers will use when assessing the package at their facilities.

3. Round Up Non-Whole Numbers:

   - For any measurement that isn't a whole number (e.g., 16.5 inches or 54.2 cm), round up to the next whole number.

   - This practice helps prevent additional fees for incorrect measurements.

Additional Tips:

- Double-check your measurements before finalizing your shipment details.

- Ensure all measurements (length, width, and height) are rounded up if necessary.

- Accurate measurements help in providing an efficient and cost-effective shipping process.

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By following these guidelines and utilizing our additional resources, you can ensure your shipment is measured correctly, helping to avoid any unexpected fees and ensuring a smooth delivery process. For further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our  Heroic Support Team™.

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