The Product Library allows you to store product information (i.e. HS codes, country of origin, quantity, price, and description) into a library that you can easily access when creating your international shipments.

This will save you time from manually entering this information in the middle of creating your shipment when you get to the International details page 

The Product Library can be accessed in 2 locations:

  1. From the ShipTime dashboard, in the upper right hand corner, select Settings, and then Products.
    (Note: you can add products for here by clicking 'Add Product' on the bottom left-hand side)

      2. When setting up a shipment, during the quote process and the International Details step, under the Products shipped section you will see Add products from the Products Library Click here. After clicking, you will see a pop-up box appear with a list of your products from your Product Library to choose from.