If you are only seeing standard rates and not your contract rates, please proceed with the following steps provided by UPS:

  1. Log into www.ups.com
  2. Click on the drop-down next to your name in the top right corner
  3. Select Payment Options
  4. Select Add Existing Account under Add a Payment Method and click Add
  5. Fill in the required fields and click Next

If the Account Authentication window appears, complete the fields using information from one of your last three Delivery Service invoices dated within the last 90 days or 45 days for International Shipments.
  1. Enter the Invoice Number exactly as shown on the invoice.
  2. Enter the "Charges this Period" amount in "nnn.nn" format. Do not include the currency symbol.
  3. Enter the Invoice date in the (mm/dd/yyyy) format or click the calendar icon and select the date
  4. Enter the Control ID exactly as shown on the invoice. (The ID is case sensitive.)
  5. Click Next.

* If you have entered the correct information, the Account Authorized window will appear, to proceed, click Next.  
* If authorization was not successful, carefully re-enter the invoice information.

Please Note: You have three opportunities within one hour to authenticate your account. If the third attempt is not successful, your account will be locked.
Please try again 24 hours from the last authentication attempt. If you attempt prior to the full 24 hours you will be locked out again for 24 hours even if the information was entered correctly.