How Can I Repeat a Shipment with ShipTime?

ShipTime makes it incredibly easy to repeat a shipment, ensuring that you can efficiently manage repeat shipments for your business. Whether you need to repeat a past shipment or frequently send similar packages, ShipTime's user-friendly platform simplifies the process.

Steps to Repeat a Shipment

  1. Log into your ShipTime account.

    • Start by accessing your ShipTime account to begin the process of repeating a past shipment.
  2. Navigate to History & Tracking.

    • On the left-hand side under Manage, click on History & Tracking. This section allows you to view all your previous shipments and track their status.
  3. Select the Shipment to Repeat.

    • Find the shipment you want to repeat from the list. Click on the shipment to view its details.
  4. Click on Repeat Shipment.

    • Within the shipment details, click on the option to Repeat Shipment. ShipTime will automatically populate the shipping information, including addresses, weight, and dimensions, based on the original shipment.
  5. Review and Confirm.

    • Review the pre-filled details to ensure accuracy. Make any necessary adjustments, such as updating the recipient's address or modifying the package dimensions.
  6. Generate Shipping Label.

    • Once you have reviewed and confirmed the details, proceed to generate the shipping label. Print the label and attach it to the package, and you’re ready to ship!

Benefits of Using ShipTime for Repeat Shipments

Streamlined Process: ShipTime simplifies the process of repeating a past shipment, saving you time and effort. With just a few clicks, you can quickly generate shipping labels for repeat shipments.

Efficient Management: By using ShipTime’s History & Tracking feature, you can easily manage repeat shipments, ensuring that all necessary information is readily available and pre-filled for your convenience.

Cost-Effective Shipping: ShipTime provides competitive rates for repeat shipments, ensuring you get the best value for your shipping needs.

Repeating a shipment with ShipTime is a straightforward and efficient process. By logging into your account and navigating to History & Tracking, you can quickly repeat past shipments with ease. ShipTime’s platform ensures that all the necessary details are pre-filled, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Optimize your shipping process with ShipTime today and enjoy the benefits of easy, cost-effective, and efficient repeat shipments. Whether you need to repeat a past shipment or manage frequent repeat shipments, ShipTime is your trusted partner for all your shipping needs.