Reliable Shipping: Understanding ShipTime's Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee shipments carry a money-back guarantee. This service includes a delivery date provided by the courier that indicates the guaranteed arrival date. However, neither ShipTime nor the courier can guarantee that a shipment will not encounter delays in transit. 

In the event of a delivery delay should the shipment arrive after the applicable guaranteed delivery time on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, customers may request a refund for the cost of transportation for your shipment. Shipment guarantees only apply to delays within the courier’s control. 

Pickups are not guaranteed and all shipments are subject to the terms and conditions.

Be sure to check the Service Options when choosing a courier. ShipTime makes it easy to see which services are guaranteed.

Purolator Express

Purolator Express service guarantee will not apply to the following shipments:

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Chain of Signature Shipments

  • Heavyweight Shipments

  • Residential Heavyweight Shipments

  • Undeliverable Shipments

  • Shipments that require Special Handling

  • Shipments with Adult Signature Required that are undeliverable

Canpar Select

Canpar Select service guarantee will not apply to the following shipments:

  • Returned or undeliverable packages or shipments

  • Packages that exceed Canpar Express’s size limitations

  • Packages subject to an Extra Care charge

  • Unavailability or refusal of the recipient to accept delivery

  • Issues out of the couriers control, such as:

    • Delays caused by the consignee

    • Acts of God

    • Public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority of law

    • Acts, requirements or omissions of postal, customs or other government officials

    • Riots, strikes or other labour disputes

    • Civil commotion and disruption in air or ground transportation caused by weather and natural causes

  • Any shipment exceeding $5,000 in value, or which is subject to lengthened transit times due to country-specific value limitations

  • Dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

Canada Post

Canada Post provides a money back guarantee on the transportation and fuel costs only.  Accessorial charges such as oversize and signature are not refunded with their money back guarantee.

Non-guaranteed services:

  • Any Ground services

  • Pickups

Weather Delays 

The courier is responsible for the safety of their employees as well as the packages tendered to them. In order to prevent loss or damages and ensure the safety of their employees, services may be interrupted or delays may occur as the result of a storm or inclement weather. If this happens, delayed shipments will not be refunded. 

Circumstances Beyond the Courier’s Control 

If a shipment is delayed, lost. or damaged as a result of any of the following circumstances, they will not be eligible for refund.

  • Inadequate or incorrect markings or address on the Bill of Lading, 

  • Acts of God

  • Perils of the air

  • Weather conditions

  • Mechanical delays

  • Disruptions in air or ground transportation networks

  • Acts of public enemies

  • Public health crises

  • Quarantine

  • War

  • Strikes or other labour disruptions (of any entity including vendors, suppliers or customers), 

  • Terrorism, riots or civil commotion

  • Acts of public authorities (including customs or health officials) with actual or apparent authority

  • Customs clearance delays

  • Import/export documentation deficiencies or Shipments requiring extraordinary handling, documentation or routing.

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