Dimensional weight is a way for the couriers to calculate the maximum weight of a box based on its size. This is calculated based on a mathematical formula and is primarily based on the dimensions of the parcel. The courier will base the price of a shipment off of whichever is greater - the actual physical weight of the parcel or the dimensional weight.

Dimensional weight usually applies to lighter shipments in larger boxes

If you would like to calculate this manually, you can use the following formula divided by the courier specific divisible number to get your dimensional weight:

Length x Width x Height divided by the following:

DHL: 139
Canpar: 139.4
Canpar Select: 115
Purolator Ground: 144
Purolator Air: 119
Loomis: 139.4

Please Note: There is no need for you to calculate this manually, ShipTime’s system takes care of that for you! As long as the dimensions and weight are entered into the Dimension sections while creating a quote, our system will accurately calculate this for you! The dimensional weight will then be displayed on your label.

Here is a general guide line to measuring/calculating dimensional weight.