To add Real-time rates to your ShipTime integration:

  1. On the ShipTime dashboard, navigate to My Integration page by clicking Here, or on the left-hand side, under Integrations, select My Integration

  2. Click the Manage Store button

  3. Click Enable Rates

  4. Input some default dimensions. These are used as a fallback for products that you have not input dimensions for in your store. This default size may return inaccurate quoting for your customers so updating your products in WooCommerce is crucial for real-time rating to return precise rates. Select the other preferences as desired and click Enable Rates
    You will see the response Enabled Live Rates successfully!

  5. You are all set!  Now that real-time rates are enabled make sure to add dimensions to each of your products in WooCommerce.
    1. Click on Products in your WordPress store
    2. Select a Product you wish to update. Click Edit
    3. Scroll down and Click Shipping
    4. Enter dimensions and then click Update
    5. Repeat this for all the products in your library
    6. Your dimensions will then be synced over to ShipTime and ready for real-time rating


If you have issues or questions, please email: