1. Shipment Progress Bar: Current step is highlighted in orange. Clicking on any of the previous steps will take you back to that step
  2. Package type selection
  3. Measurement Units selection: Metric = Kg/Cm | Imperial = Lbs/In
  4. Box Library: Allows the option to select a commonly used box setup in Settings > Boxes
  5. Item Package Buttons
    1. Copy: Copies the package item and adds it as an additional item to the quote
    2. Delete: Deletes items from quote
  6. Add Items: Adds an additional package to the quote
  7. Special Handling: Please ensure to check this box if the shipment is oversized or does not fit into a standard box (eg. Car Tires)
  8. Signature Required: Requests the carrier to obtain a signature from a person at the destination address for delivery to occur. PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID19 pandemic, no carrier is currently requiring drivers to obtain a signature.
  9. Proceed Options
    1. Insta Ship: Insta Ship skips the Choose Carrier screen by automatically selecting the least expensive shipping service option available
    2. Choose Carrier: Allows user to select service option for shipping on the following screen