In today's fast-paced eCommerce environment, businesses require flexible and cost-effective shipping solutions. ShipTime's innovative Bring Your Own Rates (BYOR) feature empowers businesses to use their courier accounts while leveraging our advanced technology platform, ensuring seamless operations and significant cost savings.

What is Bring Your Own Rates (BYOR)?

ShipTime's technology platform now empowers you to Bring Your Own Rates (BYOR)! Would you prefer to use your own couriers' account numbers but still reap the benefits of our great technology platform? Then let's do it! You can easily connect your own courier account to ShipTime by configuring the connection in your Courier settings. This allows you to take advantage of our multi-courier rating engine while utilizing your existing company courier account.

Benefits of Using BYOR with ShipTime

By integrating your courier accounts with ShipTime's platform, you not only maintain existing relationships with couriers but also gain access to our multi-courier rating engine. This ensures you always get the best rates while managing all shipments from a single dashboard.

Supported Couriers for BYOR

Key Points to Consider

  • The integration can be removed at any time.
  • Once a courier's account is connected, it will replace the ShipTime rates regardless of which are cheaper.
  • All other couriers will still rate as designed to be available for comparison.
  • Easily differentiate which ShipIDs are through ShipTime vs. your own account by the colour of the magnifying glass under History & Tracking. BYOR shipments will show as an orange icon.

Insurance Savings with ShipTime

You can still save 50% or more by utilizing ShipTime's insurance vs. going directly with the courier. If you use ShipTime's insurance, you will submit a claim through our dashboard; otherwise, you will work directly with the courier as you own the account. Please note that only ShipTime's account will offer the first $100 insurance free. If you are using your own account, anything over a $0.00 declared value will trigger a $2.50 minimum charge. All insurance fees will be invoiced directly by ShipTime. The shipping fee is invoiced by the respective courier. 

Shippers in Quebec please refer to coverage options by clicking here.

Cost and Support Details

There is no additional cost to add a courier connection. No contracts! Cancel at any time. For BYOR shipments, all support must be handled directly with the courier due to the fact that you are the account owner and you are no longer using ShipTime's contracted accounts. Our Heroic Support team will still be available for platform-specific or insurance claim inquiries. ShipTime is not responsible for any BYOR shipment billing, adjustment charges, or reconciliation matters.

Handling Dangerous Goods

If you have an agreement to transport dangerous goods on your courier account, please contact us at as we will need to complete an additional step for you.

Ready to optimize your shipping operations? Get started with ShipTime's BYOR feature today and experience the benefits of seamless courier integration and significant cost savings. For any questions, contact our Heroic Support team.

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