Insuring your shipment is the best way to ease the worry of what will happen if your shipment is lost or damaged. 

With ShipTime, insuring a shipment is easy! During the quoting process, there will be an option for Declared Value which will insure your shipment for the amount you enter in.


  • $1 to $100 : Covered by ShipTime at no customer cost. (BYOR quotes not included)
    • BYOR Canada Post will include insurance automatically at $2.50 even if an amount between $1 and $100 is entered.
  • $101-$5000
    • $101-$167 : Minimum charge of $2.50
    • $168-$5000 : $1.50 per $100 insured value, this is prorated to the exact amount.
      • Example: $200 insured value will come out to roughly $3.00 in insurance cost.


  • $5000 maximum value per item.
  • $100,000 maximum value per shipment.
  • $5000 maximum value per LTL(freight) shipment.

Leaving the Insured Value field blank or as $0 will prevent any claim being filed.

In the event a claim will need to be filed, in the ShipTime dashboard, search for the shipment in History & Tracking. Once you locate and click on the Shipment, there will be a yellow button for Make Claim.


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