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Insuring your shipment is the best way to ease the worry of what will happen if your shipment is lost or damaged. 

With ShipTime, insuring a shipment is easy! During the quoting process, there will be an option for Declared Value which will insure your shipment for the amount you enter in.

Insurance Charges

  • Declared Value $1 to $100 : 
    • ShipTime shipments - $0 
    • BYOR shipments - $2.50  (BYOR shipments are those using your own courier account)
  • Declared Value $101 to $5000
    • The same rates apply for both ShipTime and BYOR shipments
    • $101 - $167 : Minimum charge of $2.50
    • $168 - $5000 : $1.50 per $100 insured value, this is prorated to the exact amount.
      • Example: $200 insured value will come out to roughly $3.00 in insurance cost.


  • $5000 maximum value per item.
  • $100,000 maximum value per shipment.
  • $5000 maximum value per LTL(freight) shipment.

If declared value is entered and cost of shipping has been enabled, the insurance premium will apply once these values are greater than $100. If cost of shipping is not enabled, then the premium will start at $2.50 for declared values over $100.

Leaving the Insured Value field blank or as $0 will prevent any claim being filed.

ShipTime now offers the option to add the cost of shipping to every Insurance (Declared Value) entered automatically. This will ensure that in the even of a claim being filed, the cost of shipping is included in the claim. This will result in getting the shipping costs refunded quicker. If this option is disabled, shipping cost claims will proceed normally direct through the courier, which can unfortunately take an extended period of time to resolve with the courier.

Please see the following link to see how you can enable/disable this feature:  How do I include the cost of shipping with my insured shipment?

In the event a claim will need to be filed, in the ShipTime dashboard, search for the shipment in History & Tracking. Once you locate and click on the Shipment, there will be a yellow button for Make Claim.

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