Setting up Real-Time Rates for an Existing Shopify Store

Log in to your account at


Click on



Click the  button to manage your Shopify Store.


Under Checkout Rates Click 



Input Your Shopify Shared Secret is the same as the API Secret Key on your Shopify admin page. 


  • You can find instructions on how to generate an API Secret Key: HERE



Input some default dimensions. You can change these at any point so just use your most common or make one up! 




Once connected your Shopify Store should now have Real-Time Rates enabled!


Once the above is completed you will want to make sure you go into your Products screen in your Shopify account and edit/add any dimensions for each of your products.

Instructions on adding and updating products can be found at the following link: Add/Update Products in Shopify


Shopify has an excellent help section in many languages available at: and


If you have issues, errors, or questions, please email: