Often when a product or order is not fulfilled immediately, merchants will authorize a transaction to be captured at a later time.  For example, once an order is placed, the transaction should be authorized.  Upon successful authorization, order processing should begin.  Once the order has been shipped, an authorization should and MUST be captured in order to flag the transaction for settlement.  Merchants can also VOID authorizations if they wish to cancel the authorization.

All information entered for authorizations is identical to the information entered for a sale. Please see the Virtual Terminal Sale information.

An authorization MUST be captured in order for the settlement to go through and the funds transferred. To capture an authorized transaction previously performed through the Paid system, click the "Capture" link under the Virtual Terminal section. The only required field is the Transaction ID.

A void can only be performed on an authorized transaction. To void an authorization, simply enter the Transaction ID in the void area under the Virtual Terminal section.

What is a Transaction ID?
The transaction ID is the Paid numerical transaction reference ID. This ID can be found within the Transaction Reports section of the merchant control panel.