Payment Terms

ShipTime by default provides Services on a pay per shipment basis. 

For members that are shipping more than 10 shipments a month, we allow you to request consolidated billing on to a single invoice and credit card transaction weekly.

To apply for credit: 

  1. Login to your ShipTime account
  2. Select Settings and then Payments

  3. In the middle of the screen, select Submit a request

  4. On the pop up, enter a credit limit to request and select Submit

The information will be sent to our credit department for review.   Typically, they have a response within a week.  Any follow-up requests can be sent to

ShipTime reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to grant credit to a customer that ShipTime determines is creditworthy and meets the volume criteria for a credit account. As a condition of granting any level of credit to a customer, ShipTime reserves the right to require customers to provide current financial information, as requested by ShipTime, for review. Unless otherwise noted by ShipTime, all invoices, bills and other statements of account are denominated in Canadian currency.

ShipTime at its sole discretion may elect to increase, decrease, restore or refuse to restore granted levels of credit.

With respect to any purchase made on or through the Site and/or Services, you agree that: (i) you will not use an invalid or unauthorized credit or debit card or other payment methods; (ii) you are solely responsible for identifying and selecting the product you wish to purchase; (iii) your payment will be charged to the credit or debit card or other payment methods you use including  ShipCash through authorized payment partners; (iv) all purchases are final and non-refundable unless otherwise specified; and (v) your use of any third-party payment provider is governed by such third-party payment provider’s then applicable terms of use and privacy policy. ShipTime reserves the right to reject, in its full discretion, any and all orders or purchases made on the Site or through the Services.

You understand you will be responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with using the Services. You will be responsible for paying any duty, taxes, or brokerage fees applicable to the purchases that you make using the Site and/or Services. Overdue payments bear interest at the rate of 19.9% per annum.

Payment for duty, taxes, or brokerage fees applicable to a shipment will be collected in the same manner as an adjustment payment.


ShipTime invoices customers on a weekly basis every Monday night. Once the invoice is generated the credit card on file is automatically charged.  All adjustments and duties and taxes assessed on shipments are passed from the carrier and charged to the customer. Disputed charges can be sent to where a ticket will be opened, and a dispute will be filed with the carrier. It is the decision of the carrier to issue credit for the disputed shipment.