Can I Ship a Suitcase?

Yes! You can ship luggage items such as suitcases with ShipTime. However, it’s important to understand the specific considerations and best practices for shipping non-conveyable items like suitcases to ensure they reach their destination safely and without incurring unnecessary charges.

Understanding Non-Conveyable Items

Suitcases and other luggage items are classified as non-conveyable by couriers. This means they require special handling and are subject to additional charges. Non-conveyable items typically include anything not packaged in a standard cardboard box.

Special Handling Charges: Couriers apply special handling charges to non-conveyable items due to the extra care and manual processes involved in transporting these items.

Risk of Misplacement: Luggage items, especially those made of canvas or fiber, are more prone to being misplaced or lost in transit. This is often because shipping labels can easily detach from the soft surfaces of suitcases.

Best Practices for Shipping Luggage

To avoid issues and additional charges when shipping a suitcase, follow these best practices:

  1. Pack the Luggage in a Standard Box:

    • Whenever possible, pack your suitcase in a standard cardboard box. This not only helps avoid special handling charges but also provides extra protection during transit.
  2. Use Special Handling Options:

    • If you cannot pack the suitcase in a box, ensure that you select the Special Handling option when creating your shipping label. This notifies the courier to take extra care with your item.
  3. Secure the Shipping Label:

    • Attach the shipping label securely to the suitcase. Using a labelope (a plastic pouch designed to hold shipping labels) is recommended to prevent the label from falling off.
  4. Insure Your Shipment:

    • Given the higher risk of loss or damage, it is advisable to insure your luggage shipment. This provides financial protection in case the suitcase is lost or damaged during transit.

How to Ship a Suitcase with ShipTime

  1. Prepare the Suitcase:

    • If possible, place the suitcase inside a standard cardboard box. Ensure it is well-padded to prevent movement inside the box.
  2. Create a Shipment:

    • Log into your ShipTime account and start a new shipment. Enter all the necessary details, including the dimensions and weight of the package.
  3. Select Special Handling (if needed):

    • If the suitcase cannot be boxed, make sure to select the Special Handling option to notify the courier.
  4. Attach the Shipping Label:

    • Secure the shipping label to the suitcase or box. Use a labelope if attaching directly to the suitcase to prevent the label from coming off.
  5. Insure the Shipment:

    • Choose to insure your shipment during the label creation process for added protection.

Shipping a suitcase with ShipTime is feasible and straightforward when you follow the best practices outlined above. By packing your luggage in a standard box, using special handling options, securely attaching the shipping label, and insuring your shipment, you can mitigate risks and avoid additional charges.

Optimize your shipping process with ShipTime and ensure your luggage items are handled with care. For any assistance or further questions, contact our Heroic Support Team™. ShipTime is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient shipping solutions for all your needs, including non-conveyable items like suitcases.