UPS is now offering Saturday Delivery! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this service:

Q: What is the delivery service being introduced by UPS in Canada available on ShipTime?

Saturday residential delivery will now be available to customers in major Canada cities via
UPS® Standard ground service.

Q: Where is the expanded service available?

Currently available in the Greater Toronto area, the Saturday delivery service will be available in Montreal, Laval, Calgary, and Greater Vancouver by March. Once implemented, the majority of Canadian residential addresses in metropolitan areas will be eligible for Saturday delivery.

Q: How does UPS differ from other carriers in terms of weekend delivery?

UPS is the first global small package carrier in Canada to provide committed Saturday ground residential delivery of shipments from the U.S. and within Canada at no additional cost.

Q: Is there an additional cost for the UPS® Standard on Saturday delivery service?

No, Saturday residential delivery of UPS® Standard service is included at no extra cost, offering businesses of all sizes an affordable and reliable option for delivering purchases to customers on the weekend.

Q: How do I sign up or access the UPS® Standard delivery service on ShipTime?

There's no need to sign up separately. You can seamlessly process packages as usual by choosing UPS® Standard service on ShipTime.

Q: I understand this service is available for “eligible” packages. How is eligibility determined for UPS® Standard Saturday delivery?

Eligibility is based on:
• Origin postal code,
• UPS defined Saturday delivery service territory,
• Residential address classification or available UPS Access Point® locations.

Eligible origins and destinations will expand throughout 2024.

Q: What advantages does UPS® Standard Saturday delivery on ShipTime offer?
• Eligible shipments of customers who normally receive their residential deliveries on Monday will now receive them on Saturday.
• The service comes at no extra cost to recipients.
• Saturday delivery provides businesses of all sizes a reliable way to get purchases to their customers on the weekend, contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction.

Q: Why is UPS® Standard Saturday delivery being offered on ShipTime?

UPS recognizes the evolving needs of customers who seek both convenience and speed in their online shopping experience. As per the Angus Reid Canadian Consumers Poll (Nov 2022), 51 percent of Canadians expect online purchases to be delivered within 1-2 days, even over the weekend. In the same poll, 74 percent of Canadians agree it’s important that delivery services operate on weekdays and weekends. Saturday residential delivery provides Canadian and U.S. shippers with Saturday residential delivery in Canada to better serve their customers.