ShipTime has partnered with Uber to provide same day parcel delivery services in Canada and the USA for a flat fee! This service supports local deliveries up to 25 KM in Canada and 20 Miles in the USA.

Key Features 

  • Flat rate service
  • Multi-piece shipments cost the same as single-item shipments
  • No Additional fees for Signature/Adult Signature
  • On-demand delivery, usually within an hour
  • Live Tracking
  • Available in major cities across Canada and the USA
  • Available for Live rate pricing in your connected eCommerce store


What size package can I ship?

Generally, if it fits in the trunk of a mid-size car, it can go with Uber Direct.

How do I schedule a pick-up?

Like other ShipTime carriers, you can schedule the pick-up in the Pick-up/Drop-off page.

For immediate pick-ups, you will see an estimation of how far away the driver is. Please ensure you have enough time to get your package ready!

For future pick-ups, simply pick the date and time. Uber Direct pick-ups are available 7 days a week.

How do I tip the driver?

You can add a tip on the pick-up/drop-off page, payment will be collected with your shipment.

Can I cancel my shipment if I change my mind?

You may cancel your shipment until a driver has been assigned.  (Once a driver has accepted the shipment and is dispatched to pick-up it up, the shipment will show as in transit, may not be cancelled and is non-refundable).

How does the recipient know they have a shipment coming?

When you place a shipment with Uber, the recipient will receive text messages every step of the way. In the initial message they will be provided with:

- The live tracking link

- The driver's name and phone number

- The estimated delivery time

What can I send?

You can send packages that:

  • Don't contain any restricted items*
  • Fit comfortably in the trunk of a midsize vehicle
  • Are closed, securely sealed, and ready for curbside or door pickup

*Shipper may not request delivery through Uber Direct for any of the following items:

  • People or animals
  • Illegal items (whether such item is illegal to possess, transfer, or sell)
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, and their parts
  • Cannabis products
  • Pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or supplements
  • Money, gift cards, lottery tickets, or transferable securities
  • Recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, or tobacco products
  • Dangerous or hazardous items, including explosives, items that are poisonous or
    flammable (including paints or adhesives containing a flammable liquid), products
    identified as a hazardous product under the Hazardous Products Act, RSC 1985, c
    H-3 and regulations thereunder including the Hazardous Products Regulations,
    SOR/2015-17; nuclear substances; products, substances or organisms identified as
    dangerous goods under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992, SC 1992,
    c 34 or identified as hazardous waste or hazardous recyclable material under the
    Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material
    Regulations, SOR/2005-149 or Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste
    Regulations, SOR/2002-301; infectious substances or medical waste
  • Stolen goods
  • Fragile items
  • Sexual aids or obscene or pornographic material
  • Livestock, regulated species (e.g., noxious weeds, prohibited seeds, etc.), or animal
    parts, blood, or fluids
  • Any items for which the Shipper does not have permission to send

What if the driver refuses my package(s)?

If the driver cannot accept the package (s) due to dimensions or other reasons, Uber will mark it as cancelled and the shipment may be refunded.

What happens if the package can't be delivered?

Prior to placing your shipment, you have the ability to choose what happens when your package cannot be delivered.

If you didn't select the "Signature" option, there are three choices to choose from including Leave at Door. If Leave at Door or Return is selected, the driver will take a photo of where the package was left.

If you do select the "Signature" option and no one is available, then only Return or Discard options are available as it cannot be left at the door.

You will be responsible for the costs associated with returning the package to you.

How do I track my package?

When you complete your shipment you can access the tracking information, which will provide real-time delivery details and contact information for the driver.

If you exit the page, you can always find the latest information for your shipment by visiting the History and Tracking page.

The ShipID can also be entered by you, or the recipient at to view the latest tracking information.

For more information on how to add your business logo, and other information to the tracking page - click here.

What if my package is damaged or lost in transit?

Please contact support if there is an issue with the delivery. They can assist you and determine whether the shipment may be refunded. If a declared value is added, ShipTime Insurance is available and claims can be processed through your ShipTime account.

Need Further assistance?

For additional support, contact our Heroic Support Team ™ at 1-877-784-5744, via e-mail at or via the Chat icon in your ShipTime account.