How to Create a Return Shipping Label with ShipTime

ShipTime makes it easier than ever to create a return shipping label, simplifying the process of shipping returns for businesses and customers alike. Follow these simple steps to generate a return shipping label quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Create a Return Shipping Label

  1. Log into your ShipTime account.

    • Access your account to begin the process of creating a return shipping label.
  2. Navigate to History & Tracking.

    • On the left-hand side under Manage, click on History & Tracking. This section allows you to manage all your past shipments and track their status.

  3. Select the Shipment or Create Return Option.
    • From here, you can either click on the specific shipment in question or directly click on the option for Create Return. Both options will guide you through the return shipping process.

  4. Create Return Label.
    • If you selected the shipment, click on Create Return Label. ShipTime will then automatically quote the shipment for return and provide you with the option to select and continue with the label creation.
  5. Complete the Return Label Creation.
    • Follow the prompts to finalize the return shipping label. Once completed, you can print the label and attach it to the package for return shipping.

Benefits of Using ShipTime for Return Shipping

Easy Return Shipping: ShipTime streamlines the return shipping process, making it straightforward to manage shipping returns for both businesses and customers.

Automated Shipping Quotes: ShipTime automatically quotes the return shipment, ensuring you get the best rates available for your return shipping labels.

Efficient Management: With ShipTime’s user-friendly platform, managing return shipments is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Creating a return shipping label with ShipTime is a simple and efficient process. By logging into your account and navigating to History & Tracking, you can easily manage your shipping returns and generate return shipping labels. ShipTime’s platform ensures that you get the best rates and a seamless experience when handling return shipments.

Optimize your return shipping process with ShipTime today and enjoy the benefits of easy, cost-effective, and efficient shipping returns. Whether you need to create shipping labels or manage return shipments, ShipTime is your trusted partner for all your shipping needs.