Handling Fees are an optional tool that can be used by an e-commerce store owner to adjust the shipping rates seen by their customers on their website.  Customers with integrations in ShipTime can use this tool to either increase the rates displayed (for example to cover their additional processing costs) or decrease the rates displayed (for example to show discounted shipping and encourage sales).   Rates can be modified by either a percentage or dollar amount

Once the order is placed and the order is synced to ShipTime the regular rates will be displayed and processed for shipping. 

To enable handling fees:

  1. Login to your ShipTime account.
  2. On the left-hand side, select Integrations, and then My Integrations.

  3. Click on Manage Store on the store that needs Handling Fees.

  4. If Real Time Rates have not been enabled, Click on Enable Rates.

    If Real-Time Rates have been enabled, click on Enable, for Handling Fees.

  5. Enter in the default dimensions.
  6. Check the following preferences if applicable:
    • Signature Required
    • Include residential surcharge
    • Include Insurance
  7. Select to quote based on Individual Items or Packages Items.
  8. Toggle the option for Handling Fees.
  9. Toggle the positive and negative option as well as the dollar or percentage option to select the preferred handling fee
  10. Once complete, click on Enable

  11. The message for successful rates added will appear. Rates will now show during checkout.

    NOTE - Customer on the e-commerce site will not see any indication of the Handling Fees just the Live Rate as calculated