When you connect a Shopify store to ShipTime, Shopify now offers the option to display only your preferred carriers and services.

Haven't yet connected your Shopify store? See the steps here

Here's how to enable your Live Rates and set up preferences in Shopify:

  1. Go to Dashboard - Integration- New Integration in ShipTime and connect your Shopify store

  2. Enable Live Rates and select the option to have Shipping Quote based on Individual Item(s)

  3. Re-connect to your Shopify store and go to your Shopify Admin page.  Click on Settings

  4. Select Shipping and delivery and click Manage for General Shipping Rates

  5. Go to your applicable Shipping Zones and click Carrier and app rates

  6. Click (...) on the right-hand column for ShipTime Rate Provider (Rates provided by appand select Edit rate

  7. Your ShipTime rates (including any BYOR rates) will be displayed and you can select the carriers/services you wish to display in Shopify.  Once complete click Done

  8. That's it!  Now when you display Live Rates at Check-out your customers will only see the selected rates

Once you have set this up if you want to have your ShipTime integration Live Rates default to Packaged Items then go back to ShipTime - Integrations - Manage my store to change the setting. 

Carrier selection in Shopify will only work if rates can be displayed.  Be sure to ensure product weights are added in Shopify and product dimensions are added in ShipTime.   

If you need further assistance please contact us at techsupport@shiptime.com